The Importance of Proper Oral Hygiene Care

Brushing your teeth alone does not guarantee good oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene is important to ensure that your teeth and entire mouth are healthy. However, not all people know all the necessary components of good oral hygiene.  Important things to bare in mind and steps to follow are:

    1. Understand your oral health needs. This can be helped by talking with your dentist and asking if there is a special condition that affects the health of your teeth. Certain conditions such as undergoing cancer treatments, having diabetes or becoming pregnant can cause oral problems.
    2. Develop and implement a daily routine of oral health care. Once the dentist examines you and determines your condition it will be easier to develop a routine that you should follow diligently. If ever you have special conditions to consider, your dentist can give you additional instructions to help you to keep your mouth healthy. Make sure to stay committed in doing the routine.
    3. Use fluoride, fluoride is an inorganic anion and works in strengthening teeth. It has also been shown to help prevent possible tooth decay. This is the reason why mouth rinses and toothpastes contain fluoride.  Schedule an appointment today and ask your dentist about your needs in this particular department.
    4. Floss and brush daily. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day is the most important part of proper oral care. Nevertheless, brushing every snack or meal can help in removing plaque to avoid forming of acids that can lead to tooth problems.  If bacterial plaque develops it can increase your chances of developing periodontal diseases. Using an antibacterial mouth rinse can help stop the proliferation of bacteria.
    5. Maintain a balanced diet. It is often believed that sweets can damage the teeth. This is not necessarily true, you can still eat foods that are sweet but make sure that the sugar and starch contents are lower. Foods like cakes, cookies, candies, pies, raisins and dried fruits, ice cream, potato chips and soft drinks contain starches and sugars. These foods usually produce high amount of the acids that can cause decay. That is why it is important to brush your teeth after eating.
    6. Quit using tobacco. Smoking cigarettes and using chewing tobacco aids in tooth decay. They also put you at a much higher risk of oral cancer.  If you really want to have good oral hygiene you will need to quit using tobacco.
    7. Be proactive in checking your mouth. Don’t just wait six months for the dentist to find that you’ve have a developing tooth problem.  Look at your teeth and mouth each day in the mirror, (flossing is a good time). If you do this, you can easily catch any changes much more swiftly then the dentist will be able to.  Make sure to examine your teeth for any signs of cracking, chipping, looseness or discoloration. If you notice a change, you should call your dentist immediately for the right action.

Above all, the key to proper oral hygiene care is to keep your regular visit to your dentist.  Getting regular cleanings and check-ups is your first defense against serious problems.

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