General dentistry

A healthy and beautiful smile can be maintained by prevention and early detection.  A general dentist performs various dental treatments for his clients, including the basic maintenance and care of one’s teeth. He is responsible for the preventive care and restorative treatments. The best preventative approach consists of a dental cleaning every six months and a series of checkups.


Dentistry covers prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of different diseases, including disorders and conditions which affect the teeth and gums. General dentistry is composed of various procedures. First, there is an initial consultation. This will involve the dentist using different methods including X-rays and other tests in order to know what defects the teeth have before the actual treatment.


Some of the treatments that the general dentist will conduct may include:


Bonding– This is the term for the procedure wherein a particular resin will be utilized as a sort of glue to put things together (ex. Veneer into a tooth). It is used for treatment of damaged or stained teeth or to attach a crown.


Dental Cleaning- This can be in a form of either “scale or polish” or as simple as advice on flossing & brushing.


Dentures– These are a set of false teeth which are removable and act as a replacement for the natural teeth. They can replace either a few missing teeth which may have resulted from a disease or an accident, or all of the teeth.


Root Canal treatment– This can be performed by a specialist dentist or a general dentist. When gum tissue becomes infected, this procedure must be done.


Maxillofacial treatments and oral (mouth) – This dental procedure is for the jaw, mouth and face. This includes Temporo mandibular Joint syndrome treatment and dental implants.


Crowns– These are caps that are like artificial teeth that can serve as a replacement to the damaged teeth after a root canal. It will help in maintaining the structure of the mouth and offer protection from more tooth damage.


Bridge– This comprises an artificial tooth or teeth that are anchored to couple of crowns.


Fillings– When you develop a cavity the dentist must remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill the hole with a material such as composite resin, mercury, gold, porcelain or amalgam.


Duties of General Dentists


General dentists are also the primary dental care providers for patients. They can take care of your family’s basic tooth care needs. Moreover, they are responsible for diagnosis and treatment for your oral health. These dentists use various dental procedures that will help repair the unfavorable effects of tooth decay.


Other Specialties That Contribute To Comprehensive Oral Health for Patients 


Pediatric Dentistry- This involves dental treatment for young children. Common services offered are space maintainers, athletic mouth guards, sealants and fluoride treatment.


Orthodontics- This is the practice of using mechanical devices to straiten crooked or damaged teeth.


Implant Dentistry- This includes dental implants.


Oral and Maxillofacial surgery- The services include correcting developmental malformations of jaws, mouth and other facial structures and surgical treatment.


Prosthodontics- Specifically, the procedures include bridges and crowns.


Periodontics- This is for the patients who have gum disease.


Endodontics- This requires root canal procedures.

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