Important Things To Know About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry relies on the use of pharmacological agents to relax and calm the patient before and during the appointment. These pharmacological agents usually belong to class of drugs known as sedatives. Sedatives exert action thru depressing the central nervous system, more specifically those areas that are in control of conscious awareness.

Nervous system depression has different degrees, each degree relates to a different relaxation level.  The levels range from nominal to temperate to profound sedation. A good example of nominal sedation is a patient with reduced anxiety who is eagerly complaint to physical or verbal stimulation. Under temperate sedation a patient is more relaxed and responds to purposeful stimulation. In profound sedation, the patient may not even show little signs of consciousness and is completely insensitive to stimulation.

Sedatives can be administered through a couple of different routes. Enteral route includes the medical absorption through the enteric membranes that line the alimentary canal.  The alimentary canal starts at the oral cavity, moves on into the digestive tract and ends at the rectum. This path is used to provide medications which are either absorbed, swallowed by mucosa of oral cavity or rectally inserted. The parenteral route involves sedative drug administration instead of absorption through enteric membrane.  Parenteral methods include inhalation, intravenous, sub-mucosal  and intramuscular, among others.

Benefits can acquire through sedation dentistry:


    • Increased comfort
    • Patient co-operation
    • Patient relaxation
    • Gag reflex control
    • Less time at the dentist
    • Little or no memory of treatment

Some patients forgo the benefits of sedation dentistry because of its cost. For those patient who have a phobia or dental anxiety finding an affordable option for sedation dentistry is really very important. However you should not let your fear make you avoid proper and necessary dental care and treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Methods Available

Today, there are four different ways in which dental sedation is commonly performed. Selecting the appropriate method will involve several factors including what procedure the dentist will perform on the patient, and the preference and need of the patient after the diagnosis and consultation is done.

When choosing a sedation dentist, bare in mind that not all dentists ask the same payment for sedation. Some charge more since they have lots of expertise in the field or maybe they just really have higher administrative costs. Though you really must seek a quality sedation dentist to have satisfactory experience, it is important to find a nice balance between cost and experience if you are seeking affordable dental sedation.

The cost of sedation dentistry varies widely based on several factors including, the method and type of sedation, the dentist’s experience, the geographic location, what the sedation dentist feels he should charge and others. Some dental surgeons offers their patients a less costly sedation method for free like nitrous oxide administration, as a free service.

Sedation dentistry is a modern way to transform a stressful and unpleasant appointment with a dental surgeon into a comfortable and relaxing one, even for those patients with fear the dentist or suffer from dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry provides an opportunity for many patients having mental or medical conditions or dental phobias to get dental care that they need.

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