Morgan Dental Believes in Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere for their Patients

Morgan Dental always wants to give each patient a soothing dental environment. Some people are afraid of the dentist that is why we developed a  solution  in order for their patients to feel comfortable and relaxed. This made up of not just a happy atmosphere but also a perfect place to lay down and watch DVD’s and TV programs on tap.

Ways in which Morgan Dental has created a comfortable ambiance for patients:


    • First, we believe a dental office should not appear institutional and ours is set up to look and feel like an actual home. This adds a nice family flavor and relaxing home feeling for the patients.
    • Second, features of a dental office is another factor that can make patients uncomfortable.  We might also put in a water fountain so that our patients can always hear the flow of the water.
    • Third, televisions in every room for our patients and they can even choose what they want to watch. For example patients listen to specific music or can watch specific DVD.
    • Fourth, patients who suffer chronic back and neck pain don’t have to worry because our dental office has contoured back and neck pillows for the patients to use. To sum it up, any good dental office should have an atmosphere that can relieve dental phobias and fears.

Our goal is to not only to meet the dental care standard but to raise the bar for everyone else. Everyone including the dentist and the entire staff is committed to this goal.

Essential Elements of a Well Designed Dental Office

  • The Right size

Any dental office should be big enough to accommodate not just the patients but also the Staff. An appropriate sized office will allow for a great workflow which will allow high efficiency and at the same time prevent a system blockage.

  • Your life and your office

When designing a dental office people often overlook the fact that providing dental care can be at times rather stressful. Doctors and r staff really need place to socialize and unwind. A very effective suggestion is to leave a room for little fun. Try to locate this area as far as possible from the clinical space.

  • Create the right size rooms for treatment

While core equipment is expensive it is important to remember to budget some money for the high-technology products that you need and your patients want. Pay special attention to the layout of treatment rooms. Room organization must be efficient and remember to plan three-dimensional for ergonomic functionality.  This will permit an efficient, effective, and comfortable room for the patient and staff alike.

  • Make sure patient rooms have a pleasing appearance

While your patients may be impressed with your care, privacy, concern and the advanced technology, the overall aesthetic may be easily ruined by cabinet-filled, cluttered, enclosed treatment areas which offer a little space.

The atmospheare of your dental office is the first impression patients will have of your practice. It is very important to build a lasting impression because this will bring them back in the future.

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